Nick O’Halloran: Want to Know More About Maxwell Forest?

Nick O’Halloran is an inspiring Australian businessman who serves as the Director of Maxwell Forest. In 2011, he and Matt Denton founded the company to bring intuitive, practical fintech to the world, and they’re doing exactly that.

When Maxwell Forest was founded, Nick O’Halloran lived a life as a Ferrari motorsport driver. He has since left that behind to better focus on his fintech company. Today, Mr. O’Halloran and the Maxwell Forest team frequently travel overseas and are working on several trial products in collaboration with major global banks.

Nick O’Halloran  Onefill

Maxwell Forest is changing how customers are going to shop in coming years, and its team is growing fast. The information below highlights current key products:

  • Safedome

Safedome is the world’s thinnest Bluetooth tracker. It is a smart card the size of a credit card and can be attached to almost anything, fitting perfectly in wallets or purses. The Safedome app sends alerts and uses GPS tracking if whatever the card is attached to goes missing, leading the user directly to their valuables.

  • Onefill

Onefill is an intuitive mobile shopping platform that answers customer demand for increased security. The app supports multiple layers of security, provides real-time financial information and updates users on personal financial goals. Furthermore, Onefill technology covers ninety-eight percent of all ecommerce transactions.

To learn more about Maxwell Forest and why Nick O’Halloran is so devoted to the company, visit

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Nick O’Halloran: Want to Know More About Onefill?

Nick O’Halloran co-founded Maxwell Forest in 2011, ending a successful career as a motorsport driver with Ferrari to make time for helping the fintech company grow. Today, his devotion has paid off. Maxwell Forest is developing an international presence. With Onefill, Maxwell Forest is changing the way customers around the world do their shopping.

Nick O’Halloran: Onefill

The Maxwell Forest team, Nick O’Halloran included, is passionate about improving people’s digital lives. Their products are “groundbreaking, yet practical,” reads the Maxwell Forest website, “because we see a future shaped by common sense.” Onefill is a product of this admirable approach to a fintech company.

So, what is Onefill? It’s a secure mobile shopping platform that changes the customer experience for the better, and it works with ninety-eight percent of ecommerce transactions. As more customers shop online, they are demanding increased mobile security and performance. Onefill is a safe bank-branded app that solves security concerns and displays useful, real-time numbers, ranging from card balances to spending habits and personal budgets.

Onefill has multiple layers of security, requires no merchant integration, tracks the entire shopping journey and boosts customer engagement. It features virtual credit card numbers, instant form filling data, secure login data storage and an optional Bluetooth ISO card.

Head to to download the free PDF to learn more about what Nick O’Halloran’s Maxwell Forest team has built, and how it brings value to both banks and customers.

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Nick O’Halloran : Safedome’s Double-Sided Security

Nick O’Halloran is one of the many sharp minds behind the creation of Safedome, a revolutionary Bluetooth-powered credit card that helps protect your wallet, in more ways than one.

Safedome is just like your average credit card when it comes to shape and size, but that is just about it. Safedome connects with your phone and gives you instant alerts if your phone and your wallet separate, helping for easy retrieval of your wallet by sending a pin to your phone’s GPS. Long live the days of scanning restaurants and other public places for your lost wallet, Safedome will guide you directly to it.

But that’s not all Safedome does to protect your security. It also tracks your account information and gives you instant alerts if any of your sensitive data has been compromised. Best of all, you have a 24/7 customer support hotline where you can talk with a real person instantly whenever an issue needs to be addressed.

Safedome is just one of the exciting products that Nick O’Halloran’s company, Maxwell Forest, has recently created. With a vision for making shopping online easier and safer, Nick O’Halloran and co-Founder Matt Denton are taking their innovations to both the cyber world, as well as the physical one.

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Nick O’Halloran : Introducing The Safedome Card

Nick O’Halloran is the Director of Maxwell Forest, an IT company that links banks and credit card holders in a way that makes mobile shopping faster and easier than it has ever been before. The company’s latest product, the Safedome card, is a strong step in that direction.

“We developed a Bluetooth credit card approved by MasterCard and Visa that you tap on your device being Apple or Android,” Nick O’Halloran explains. By using the company’s new card, he says the average transaction only takes a couple of seconds.

The Safedome card was designed to fit into an ordinary wallet. It syncs to your smartphone and is loaded with security features. If your wallet is lost or stolen, the Safedome will use the GPS location of your phone to record where your wallet was last seen, and the GPS map will show you right where that location is.

Another feature of the Safedome card allows you to set alert-free zones. Alert-free zones might be places like at home or at work, where you don’t want any alerts distracting you. By setting this up, you only get alerts when you need them.

Safedome’s Identity feature is a safeguard against one of the biggest cyber-security issues of our time, identity theft. The app regularly scans a database of breached credentials, and if it finds your email address it sends you an alert so you can take appropriate action.

Nick O’Halloran is very excited about what the future holds for Maxwell Forest and Safedome.

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Nick O’Halloran : Maxwell Forest’s Team of Experts

Nick O’Halloran co-founded Maxwell Forest with former Apple developer and friend Matt Denton. At Maxwell Forest, Nick O’Halloran is thrilled to be working with such a talented and experienced team. Below are some brief descriptions on the other experts who have made this company’ vision a reality.

Matt Denton is the Maxwell Forest CEO, and led the development of their patented Onefill technology. Nick O’Halloran started his career at Apple before putting together his own team, building a variety of products and services for clients like Sony, CommBank, Telstra and BMW.

Deanne Stevens joined Maxwell Forest boasting over two decades of experience as a chartered accountant. She attended both the University of Queensland and the University of Sydney graduating with different degrees. Stevens previously worked at Fairfax Media.

Ander MaCarthur is the Chief Technology Officer at Maxwell Forest. He collaborated with Denton and the rest of firm’s top-of-the-line design team to engineer the Onefill technology. Before working with Nick O’Halloran, he built a digital agency and worked for companies like Toyota, Coke and Skoda. MaCarthur is passionate about being active in Sydney’s start-up community and influencing the next generation of businesspeople.

Steve Lauder is experienced in the retail, wholesaling, digital marketing and e-commerce sectors. He is Maxwell Forest’s go-to “product guy.” Lauder enjoys formulating digital solutions for B2B and retail clients as well as inspiring collaborative and responsive people to work together.

Nick O’Halloran is proud to have such a talented team of experts at his side, as they collectively seek to revolutionize the way people shop and do their finances on their mobile devices.

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Nick O’Halloran : Onefill Features

As the CFO of Maxwell Forest, Nick O’Halloran is excited about the many features in their Onefill app, a platform designed to make online purchases easier, safer and quicker. Below is a short list of just some of the many features this groundbreaking application will offer:

Nick O’Halloran onefill

Instant Form Filling- No more having to re-enter an address or credit card number after every easy mistake. Onefill stores your data and automatically enters it so that you can perform checkouts quicker.

  • Data Insights- Onefill will track and analyze your purchases, adding an extra level of conscious buying.
  • Merchant Offers- Save money through never missing out on the offers from your favorite stores.
  • Security Features- Virtual credit card numbers and more help prevent theft and fraud
  • Personal Finance Tools- Access your financial information quickly and easily.
  • Safe Site Approval- See what sites are safe and be forewarned of any suspicious websites.

With Onefill, customers can make sound purchasing decisions from their favorite stores with just a few taps on their phone or tablets. This allows for a convenient, fun and safe way to shop all your favorite brands whenever, wherever.

Nick O’Halloran ad the team at Maxwell Forest are excited to see which markets embrace Onefill most, as it changes the way people shop across the globe.

Nick O’Halloran : The Benefits of Onefill

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Nick O’Halloran : Never Lose Your Wallet Again with Safedome

Maxwell Forest has created an exciting new technology, and co-founders Nick O’Halloran and Matt Denton cannot wait to share it with people all over the world.

Safedome is a Bluetooth-powered credit card that connects your wallet to your phone. Once you slip a Safedome card into your wallet and connect it to your mobile phone, you can say ‘goodbye’ to the worry of ever losing your wallet. Using your phone’s GPS tracker, Safedome will send an instant alert to your phone if your phone and your wallet have strayed too far from each other. With a pin placed on the exact location of your wallet, Safedome makes retrieving your wallet a simple process.

But the peace of mind that goes with a Safedome purchase reaches beyond your wallet. Users also receive free data protection services; so in case your wallet was compromised you can quickly save yourself from the threat of identity theft. Safedome will monitor your e-mail and other accounts to ensure that your private information is safe throughout vulnerable times.

What’s better? How about a 24/7 support hotline where you can talk to a real person? Safedome offers just that: an effective and friendly customer service representative at your disposal to help when you most need it.

As Safedome goes through further trials, CFO Nick O’Halloran can hardly contain his excitement. “[We are] very excited about the future of the company.”

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