Nick O’Halloran : Never Lose Your Wallet Again with Safedome

Maxwell Forest has created an exciting new technology, and co-founders Nick O’Halloran and Matt Denton cannot wait to share it with people all over the world.

Safedome is a Bluetooth-powered credit card that connects your wallet to your phone. Once you slip a Safedome card into your wallet and connect it to your mobile phone, you can say ‘goodbye’ to the worry of ever losing your wallet. Using your phone’s GPS tracker, Safedome will send an instant alert to your phone if your phone and your wallet have strayed too far from each other. With a pin placed on the exact location of your wallet, Safedome makes retrieving your wallet a simple process.

But the peace of mind that goes with a Safedome purchase reaches beyond your wallet. Users also receive free data protection services; so in case your wallet was compromised you can quickly save yourself from the threat of identity theft. Safedome will monitor your e-mail and other accounts to ensure that your private information is safe throughout vulnerable times.

What’s better? How about a 24/7 support hotline where you can talk to a real person? Safedome offers just that: an effective and friendly customer service representative at your disposal to help when you most need it.

As Safedome goes through further trials, CFO Nick O’Halloran can hardly contain his excitement. “[We are] very excited about the future of the company.”


About Nick O'Halloran

Nick O’Halloran and his team of specialists at Maxwell Forest have developed their latest product, Onefill, around promoting confidence in commerce. After all, an app that links finances with shopping surely needs outstanding security features; and Onefill delivers on all accounts. Their goal is to provide you with an efficient product and stellar service while also proactively defending you from security issues such as identity theft and more.
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