Nick O’Halloran : Onefill Features

As the CFO of Maxwell Forest, Nick O’Halloran is excited about the many features in their Onefill app, a platform designed to make online purchases easier, safer and quicker. Below is a short list of just some of the many features this groundbreaking application will offer:

Nick O’Halloran onefill

Instant Form Filling- No more having to re-enter an address or credit card number after every easy mistake. Onefill stores your data and automatically enters it so that you can perform checkouts quicker.

  • Data Insights- Onefill will track and analyze your purchases, adding an extra level of conscious buying.
  • Merchant Offers- Save money through never missing out on the offers from your favorite stores.
  • Security Features- Virtual credit card numbers and more help prevent theft and fraud
  • Personal Finance Tools- Access your financial information quickly and easily.
  • Safe Site Approval- See what sites are safe and be forewarned of any suspicious websites.

With Onefill, customers can make sound purchasing decisions from their favorite stores with just a few taps on their phone or tablets. This allows for a convenient, fun and safe way to shop all your favorite brands whenever, wherever.

Nick O’Halloran ad the team at Maxwell Forest are excited to see which markets embrace Onefill most, as it changes the way people shop across the globe.

Nick O’Halloran : The Benefits of Onefill


About Nick O'Halloran

Nick O’Halloran and his team of specialists at Maxwell Forest have developed their latest product, Onefill, around promoting confidence in commerce. After all, an app that links finances with shopping surely needs outstanding security features; and Onefill delivers on all accounts. Their goal is to provide you with an efficient product and stellar service while also proactively defending you from security issues such as identity theft and more.
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