Nick O’Halloran : Maxwell Forest’s Team of Experts

Nick O’Halloran co-founded Maxwell Forest with former Apple developer and friend Matt Denton. At Maxwell Forest, Nick O’Halloran is thrilled to be working with such a talented and experienced team. Below are some brief descriptions on the other experts who have made this company’ vision a reality.

Matt Denton is the Maxwell Forest CEO, and led the development of their patented Onefill technology. Nick O’Halloran started his career at Apple before putting together his own team, building a variety of products and services for clients like Sony, CommBank, Telstra and BMW.

Deanne Stevens joined Maxwell Forest boasting over two decades of experience as a chartered accountant. She attended both the University of Queensland and the University of Sydney graduating with different degrees. Stevens previously worked at Fairfax Media.

Ander MaCarthur is the Chief Technology Officer at Maxwell Forest. He collaborated with Denton and the rest of firm’s top-of-the-line design team to engineer the Onefill technology. Before working with Nick O’Halloran, he built a digital agency and worked for companies like Toyota, Coke and Skoda. MaCarthur is passionate about being active in Sydney’s start-up community and influencing the next generation of businesspeople.

Steve Lauder is experienced in the retail, wholesaling, digital marketing and e-commerce sectors. He is Maxwell Forest’s go-to “product guy.” Lauder enjoys formulating digital solutions for B2B and retail clients as well as inspiring collaborative and responsive people to work together.

Nick O’Halloran is proud to have such a talented team of experts at his side, as they collectively seek to revolutionize the way people shop and do their finances on their mobile devices.


About Nick O'Halloran

Nick O’Halloran and his team of specialists at Maxwell Forest have developed their latest product, Onefill, around promoting confidence in commerce. After all, an app that links finances with shopping surely needs outstanding security features; and Onefill delivers on all accounts. Their goal is to provide you with an efficient product and stellar service while also proactively defending you from security issues such as identity theft and more.
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