Nick O’Halloran: Want to Know More About Onefill?

Nick O’Halloran co-founded Maxwell Forest in 2011, ending a successful career as a motorsport driver with Ferrari to make time for helping the fintech company grow. Today, his devotion has paid off. Maxwell Forest is developing an international presence. With Onefill, Maxwell Forest is changing the way customers around the world do their shopping.

Nick O’Halloran: Onefill

The Maxwell Forest team, Nick O’Halloran included, is passionate about improving people’s digital lives. Their products are “groundbreaking, yet practical,” reads the Maxwell Forest website, “because we see a future shaped by common sense.” Onefill is a product of this admirable approach to a fintech company.

So, what is Onefill? It’s a secure mobile shopping platform that changes the customer experience for the better, and it works with ninety-eight percent of ecommerce transactions. As more customers shop online, they are demanding increased mobile security and performance. Onefill is a safe bank-branded app that solves security concerns and displays useful, real-time numbers, ranging from card balances to spending habits and personal budgets.

Onefill has multiple layers of security, requires no merchant integration, tracks the entire shopping journey and boosts customer engagement. It features virtual credit card numbers, instant form filling data, secure login data storage and an optional Bluetooth ISO card.

Head to to download the free PDF to learn more about what Nick O’Halloran’s Maxwell Forest team has built, and how it brings value to both banks and customers.


About Nick O'Halloran

Nick O’Halloran and his team of specialists at Maxwell Forest have developed their latest product, Onefill, around promoting confidence in commerce. After all, an app that links finances with shopping surely needs outstanding security features; and Onefill delivers on all accounts. Their goal is to provide you with an efficient product and stellar service while also proactively defending you from security issues such as identity theft and more.
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