Nick O’Halloran: Want to Know More About Maxwell Forest?

Nick O’Halloran is an inspiring Australian businessman who serves as the Director of Maxwell Forest. In 2011, he and Matt Denton founded the company to bring intuitive, practical fintech to the world, and they’re doing exactly that.

When Maxwell Forest was founded, Nick O’Halloran lived a life as a Ferrari motorsport driver. He has since left that behind to better focus on his fintech company. Today, Mr. O’Halloran and the Maxwell Forest team frequently travel overseas and are working on several trial products in collaboration with major global banks.

Nick O’Halloran  Onefill

Maxwell Forest is changing how customers are going to shop in coming years, and its team is growing fast. The information below highlights current key products:

  • Safedome

Safedome is the world’s thinnest Bluetooth tracker. It is a smart card the size of a credit card and can be attached to almost anything, fitting perfectly in wallets or purses. The Safedome app sends alerts and uses GPS tracking if whatever the card is attached to goes missing, leading the user directly to their valuables.

  • Onefill

Onefill is an intuitive mobile shopping platform that answers customer demand for increased security. The app supports multiple layers of security, provides real-time financial information and updates users on personal financial goals. Furthermore, Onefill technology covers ninety-eight percent of all ecommerce transactions.

To learn more about Maxwell Forest and why Nick O’Halloran is so devoted to the company, visit


About Nick O'Halloran

Nick O’Halloran and his team of specialists at Maxwell Forest have developed their latest product, Onefill, around promoting confidence in commerce. After all, an app that links finances with shopping surely needs outstanding security features; and Onefill delivers on all accounts. Their goal is to provide you with an efficient product and stellar service while also proactively defending you from security issues such as identity theft and more.
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